Cove Builders is located in the rural area of Monterey Tennessee, operating out of the beautiful Cumberland Cove. Cumberland Cove is located in Putnam county and Cumberland county. The Bluffs are located on the west end of Cumberland Cove. We serve the communities of Cookeville, Crossville, Sparta, and Livingston, Tennessee. As a General Contractor we are licensed for new residential and commercial construction, building semi-custom specs and custom homes. We also hold our own plumbing and electrical licenses so these trade services are coordinated in-house. We also have land and semi custom homes for sale. Feel free to view these lots and homes by clicking on the “Land for Sale”  or the “Homes For Sale” button. Check out our “Other Services” button.


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Customer Testimonials

  • I have been working with Dave Boender of Cove Builders since 2007.  From the first time I met Dave, I knew he was the contractor I wanted to hire to build my retirement home here in Cumberland Cove.  I believe the most important trait in any business professional is trust and honesty - Dave delivers in spades!  We provided Dave our plans and he was extremely responsive to our schedule as we were out of State and had limited time to meet with him.  We decided to go with a "Green Build" - the very first in Putnam County.  We are extremely pleased with the quality and more importantly, our very low (even through the coldest winter in Tennessee in 30 years) utility bills.  Throughout the building process, Dave always did what he said he would do, and again exhibited flexibility as we made changes along the way.  Even after the home has been completed, Dave has taken care of those small fixes professionally and promptly. Select Cove Builders - you will have a quality finished product and a stress free construction process....and you will also make a good friend! Wayne and Kathy Follenius 75 Blazer Place Cumberland Cove Conversations physically
    Wayne & Kathy Follenius
  • My husband and I are extremely happy with our new home. After saving for many years and searching through hundreds of floor plans we were finally ready to start the process. We are transplants from Indiana and did not know where to begin to find a creditable builder. We started with word of mouth and numbers from friends and quickly moved to numbers in the phone book. Both my husband and I work and the only time for the two of us to set down and make calls and meet builders was on Saturday or Sunday. Unfortunately, not one builder called us back. We then turned to the internet and started with the Homebuilders Associations site. It listed several builders and links to their websites. That is where we found Cove Builders! We called and they actually answered the phone. They were even able to meet on the weekends. We were on our way. We had braced ourselves for a long frustrating process to build our home. We had watched family and friends build homes and then watched them have mental breakdowns, anger outbursts, and a display of complete frustration during their building process. My husband has past experience of working for a luxury home builder in Indiana. So we felt that we had good handle on what it was going to be like to build a home. I have to say, that we were very pleasantly surprised. I almost feel bad that it was this easy!!! We took our chosen floor plan (that we had found in a magazine) to Dave and Janet Boender. We discussed what we wanted, and how the plan needed to be changed to fit our needs, looked at completed homes and homes that were in the process of being built, and discussed how Cove Builders builds a home and why Cove Builders did things the why they do. Every question that my husband had was answered with confidence and eagerness to explain. That made us feel very comfortable that we were being told the truth, not just what sounded good to sell us a product. They explained what to expect and when to expect it. This communication was kept throughout the building of our home. All phone calls were returned and all questions answered. I have to admit that I did have a couple of unrealistic expectations such as having the family moved in by Christmas which was four months away. I am happy to announce that we moved in not only by Christmas but a couple of weeks before Christmas! Cove Builders worked diligently and spent many late nights working on the home. Dave’s excitement and enthusiasm is addictive. When we met at the home he was so excited to show us the new things that had been accomplished and new ways to use unplanned spaces, how things worked and how they had worked through unexpected issues. I always left with a smile (even if I did not understand all the technical terms, rules, and regulations.. That is my husband’s area of expertise. And he did understand it all). My area was the interior design… I laugh at that sentence because I have never really been very good at this. Janet was there to help! She always had suggestions and explanations of coordinating color, wood grains, tile etc. That task is harder than one might think. I could   not have done it without her. Although my husband and I had a very good idea of what we wanted…we found that when we were in the middle of the process we often second guessed ourselves and got lost. Janet and Dave were there to walk us through it to find what was going to be perfect for us. What a great team they are! In closing I have to say that I have never been happier. I am proud to announce that I never was even close to a mental breakdown, nor did I experience major anger outbursts, or complete frustration. I have the most beautiful home that is perfect for the Butterworth family. This process was easy. We do not plan on moving or needing to build again, but if life decides a different route for us….We would definitely make our first call to Cove Builders. Sincerely Matt and Karen Butterworth
    Matt & Karen Butterworth
  • In researching companies to build our new home, one name kept coming up – Cove Builders.  They were highly recommended and described with words such as honesty, quality and care.  Being from out of state, building our home long distance was no easy task, but Dave and Janet worked with us step by step, guiding us through the process.  The end result is our beautiful dream home and we couldn't be happier!  Thank you, Cove Builders.
    Al and Joann Esper
    Al & Joann Esper
  • Trust is everything, especially when you are trying to choose a reliable building contractor and then have to depend upon them to implement the process from a distance.  We chose Dave and Janet of "Cove Builders and Development" to help plan and then build our Tennessee dream home.  Prior to choosing Cove Builders, we met with some folks who had them build their homes in Cumberland Cove and not one of them had anything bad to say about their experience.  We also got to see first hand the quality of their work and were impressed.  We told them that building green and having an energy effiicent home was very important to us.    Everything was up front and easily understood in our contract with Cove Builders.   We didn't experience any surprizes or run into hidden costs in the process.  Dave and Janet were always available to answer any questions that came up, they kept us up to date in the various stages of building our home, and sent us digital photos to show us the progress.   We ended up a wonderful home and couldn't be happier.  Thanks Cove Builders for making our Tennessee home become a reality.   Bob and Ann Merrill
    Bob and Ann Merrill
  • "We are very happy that we chose Cove Builders for a major addition and renovation project on our house. Dave Boender said at the beginning of the project that "construction does not have to be an unpleasant experience." Dave minimized any anxieties we might have had by keeping us informed every step of the way. He answered our questions patiently and thoroughly, and we are extremely pleased with the excellent work he and his crews did in adding two rooms and renovating parts of the existing house with as few disruptions as possible to our everyday routine. The work crews he employs all did excellent work, they were all polite and respectful of the fact that they were working around and in our home, and they also were very good at answering the occasional question we forgot to ask Dave. We recommend Cove Builders very highly for either new construction or for additions and renovations on existing homes. Dave Boender in an outstanding contractor!" -Professor Phil and Nancy Campana
    Phil and Nancy Campana
  • We found Dave Boender / Cove Builders through a miracle! We were going to build elsewhere, but we had doubts about where we had planned on building. Thru a conversation on the phone with Dave, due to him being out of town at the time we were in the area. He sent us to his latest home that was under construction. We found the home to be in a great location, a beautiful home; we were sold! The quality and attention to detail were unbelievable! We have since recommended Cove Builders to other friends and people who are equally very happy with the quality of their home. -Karen & Mike Staub
    Karen & Mike Staub